The area is spectacular and the adventures are just waiting for you


Lofoten offers fantastic ski and randonee opportunities - many of them in our area. Start your adventure at sea level, enjoy the view on your way up and have fun skiing back down. With many options in the area you can easily do 2 runs in one day.


Digermulkollen, Snetinden, Breitinden and Keiservarden are some of the mountains you can climb in the area. Right behind us is Stortinden, also called Dronningvarden, named after our hiking-loving Queen Sonja. Regardsless of the peak and with panoramic views in all directions, you'll never get bored!


Cod, halibut, pollock, haddock, redfish, bream and herring all live in the sea around here, and therfore also possible to catch. Several of them even possible on a fishing rod from our jetty.

If you would like to go deep sea fishing, we have local contacts.

Good luck!


Årsteinøya and Pundslett are perfect starting points for kayaking. The islands around Risvær and Svellingflaket offer endless kayaking experiences, as does Raftsundet with Trollfjorden, not to mention our local Årsteinkanal.

Ocean and mountain on the same day!

You don't need to drive anywhere to go on a trip - trails start where we are including a hike over the mountain to Åsteinen or further up to Dronningvarden with a 360-degree spectacular view. 

You can also hike to Snetinden,  Digermulkollen, Breitinden and Keiservarden – the latter marked with a cairn built by, among others, Emperor Wilhelm of Germany in the late 1800s. From here you can enjoy the view of Raftsundet, towards the mountains Store Trolltind and Rulten, as well as the island Stormolla and the famous fjord Trollfjorden. 

With a kayak or a small boat, you can also explore the beautiful islands of Risvær, or pass through the canal that connects Pundslett to Raftsundet - a canal built by the state of Norway in 1883 for the safety of local fishermen, still maintained by the state today. 


If you are tempted to hike or climb mountain peaks further west in Lofoten, we are not far from places like Laupstad, Laukvik, Svolvær, Skrova or Henningsvær. A lot can be done on a day and then be able to end the day back at Pundslett e.g. around the bonfire under the magical aurora borealis, in the evening sun in the boathouse or just enjoying the stunning view from the sofa.

We often use  for inspiration when planning hikes and excursions.

Below you see some of our own photos.